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As Universal Counselor, our basic philosophy in the field of consultancy is to provide our counselees with the most accurate information they can get, with all our departments and our expert team.


One of the most important elements of the university application process is academic success. In order to increase the success of the person both in school courses and in international exams, it is very important to receive appropriate course support. Within our tutoring unit, Learn&Benefit, we offer online or face-to-face tutoring support with expert tutors.


Another important part of the university application process is exam preparation. While our counselees preparing for many different exams such as SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, AP, IB, A-Level, YKS, LGS, GMAT, and GRE, the Learn&Benefit unit meets their needs in every aspect with its practice exam foundation.


Counseling at Universal Counselor is handled in two main categories as Undergraduate Counseling (for high school students and high school graduates continuing their education) and Master/PhD Counseling. Essay Consulting, which is an integral element of consultancy, carries out its activities as a separate unit with expert consultants coordinated by the relevant consultant.

Student in the reading room

Intermediate Grades

Famous author Audre Lorde points out that survival is not just an academic skill, but an effort to "learn how to address our differences and strengthen them." In this direction, we believe that the main priority in mid-class counseling is to get to know our counselee in the most accurate way. We begin by revealing our counselee's current academic and social profile. After that, we carry out our unique academic and social work plans, which we have created with a progressive approach, in line with the future goals of our counselee, with the knowledge and support of our families, and by keeping our counselees at the center of our work. Within the framework of these plans, which also shape the university application process, we support school courses, department selection, planning and preparation of standard exams (SAT, AP, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), application to summer programs, and provide guidance on other necessary academic and social activities.

College Students

Application Period

Our main goal in Application Counseling is to ensure that our counselees are placed in the best school that their potential can reach. While doing this, we consider many variables such as whether the accepted university is suitable for our counselee, the ranking of the university, the future career plans, and the family's budget. We are aware that each counselee is different from each other, so their journey and final destination will also be different. We become the closest companion of our counselees during the planning, execution, completion and follow-up phases of the applications. As a result of the acceptance received, the great happiness we see in our counselee and his family relieves all the tiredness of the process. If you need a supporter on this journey, remember that Universal Counselor's experienced consultants will be there for you.


Scholarship Consultancy

In some cases, the need and merit scholarships that can be obtained in addition to university admissions can be the main determining factor for a person to go to that university. Thanks to their extensive knowledge and strong data management, our staff guides our counselees in the most optimal way in line with their needs and expectations. Being aware of which universities offer which types of scholarships, we assist our counselees on forms and other documents, and even provide detailed information about the private scholarships they can apply for.


Essay Consultancy

Essay writing is one of the most important parts of university applications. University admissions committees use the Essays for purposes such as understanding the personality of the applicant, measuring his motivation, and deciphering whether he has come up with a coherent life story about his past, present and future. This is the most subjective element in the application, and therefore the Essay writing process can turn into a stressful process for some. Being aware of all this, the process is taken very seriously at Universal Counselor and there is a Writing Center department consisting of experts in the field. Essay writing; It includes many stages such as determining the subject to be written, writing by the counselee, reviewing the written text as content, and finally linguistically controlling the text. As Universal Counselor, we are the closest to our counselees during this difficult process. 

Students Studying in the Library
Postgraduate-Doctoral Consultancy

Postgraduate education programs are the programs directed by our counselees who wish to obtain an advanced specialization degree in their field. At Universal Counselor, we first get to know you and determine your goals, and prepare a roadmap accordingly. Together with our consultants, programs suitable for you are recommended when choosing a department, university and country. In the decision-making process, the curriculum and fees of the program, accommodation options and scholarship options, if any, are evaluated. Those who will do graduate studies are expected to choose courses that will lead to original studies, and to shape their career goals together with working life. Future scientists should be aware that they enter a disciplined and productive process during their graduate studies. At the end of this process, there are the theses that they put forward and that they have to defend. The Universal Counselor team provides all necessary support to our counselees in this difficult journey.


Tutoring Support

As Universal Counselor, we bring our counselees together in our Learn & Benefit tutoring unit with our expert trainers in both general and specific course subjects. Supporting and following up the academic success with the help of an expert, which is one of the requirements for getting an acceptance from a good university, and evaluation of the obtained scores have a very important place in the process.

Students Studying in Classroom

Testing Support

Exams are a fact of education life and an integral part of it. We provide our counselees with the necessary qualified contribution in our Learn & Benefit exam unit in order to pass the exams with a correct preparation process and with targeted success. You can get professional help required for preparation for important exams such as SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, AP, IB, A-Level, YKS, LGS, GMAT, GRE from our Learn & Benefit tutoring unit.

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